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In partnership with SiriusXM, Stanford University presents Stanford Radio, a group of programs that feature the newest ideas, research and conversations from Stanford University. Listen live on the SiriusXM, Insight channel 121, or catch up with Stanford Radio here the Monday after each show.

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Future of Everything

Russ Altman hosting The Future of Everything

hosted by Russ Altman

 “The Future of Everything,” hosted by Stanford bioengineer Russ Altman, will explore how technology, science and medicine are shaping our lives, from driverless cars to privacy, security, genetics and health. Do developments in reproductive technology mean the end of sex as we know it? Should you still call Uber if you won’t get a real-life driver? And how dangerous are Internet hackers to the average person? From his base at the Stanford School of Engineering, Russ dives into such questions by asking his guests about “the future of everything.”

School's In

Dean Dan Schwartz hosting School's In

hosted by Denise Pope & Dan Schwartz

“School’s In,” hosted by Stanford Graduate School of Education Senior Lecturer Denise Pope and Dean Dan Schwartz will delve into what is working and what needs to change in the classrooms of today. Worried about your kids’ teachers being too strict? Is homework drowning your fifth grader, or stressing out your high school freshman? Wondering if technology really improves learning or just creates more distraction? Dan and Denise talk about real-life problems with the experts who can help families navigate an increasingly complex education system.

Stanford Pathfinders

Howard Wolf


“Stanford Pathfinders,” hosted by Howard Wolf, Stanford University Vice President for Alumni Affairs and President of the Stanford Alumni Association, will feature engaging dialogues with some of Stanford’s most accomplished alumni who have gone on to become leaders in their respective areas, including politics, entertainment, sports, technology and more. Stanford's alumni body is blessed with some truly amazing people who have lived wonderfully fascinating lives and “Stanford Pathfinders” will provide a special opportunity for these Stanford stalwarts to share their insights and experiences.